I’m Not Getting Old

You’re getting old they told me, you’ve stopped being you are getting bitter and lonely.
– no, I answered.
I’m not getting old I’m getting wise.
I'm Not Getting OldI have stopped being what others like to become what I like to be, I have stopped looking for the acceptance of others to accept myself, I have left behind my lying mirrors that deceive without mercy.
– no, I’m not getting old.
I’m becoming assertive, selective of places, people, customs and ideologies.
I’ve let go attachments, unnecessary pain, toxic people, sick souls and rotten hearts, it’s not for bitterness it’s just for health.
I left the party nights for learning dollars, I stopped living stories and started writing them, I made aside the stereotypes tax, I stopped bringing makeup in my bag now took a book that embellish my mind.
Change the wine glasses for coffee cups, I forgot to idealize life and started living it.
No, I’m not getting old.
I carry in the soul on and in the heart the innocence of who daily is discovered.
It took in the hands the tenderness of a cocoon that opened its wings to other places for those who only seek the frivolity of the material.
It took in my face the smile, which escapes naughty by observing the simplicity of nature, took in my ears the chirping of the birds making my walk.
No, I’m not getting old.
I’m becoming selective, betting my time to the intangible, rewriting the story that I ever told, rediscovering worlds, rescuing those old books that half pages had forgotten.
I’m getting more prudent I’ve left the outbursts that nothing teach, I’m learning to talk about transcendent things, I’m learning to cultivate knowledge, I’m sowing ideals and forging my destiny
No, it’s not that I’m getting old for sleeping early on Saturdays, it’s also that Sundays have to wake up early, enjoy the coffee without a hurry and read calmly a book.
It’s not for old age so it walks slow, it’s to observe the clumsiness of those who hurry up and stumble into discontent.
It’s not for old age so sometimes it’s quiet, it’s just because not every word has to echo it.
No, I’m not getting old, I’m starting to live what really interests me.

Marisol López Parra. (Sinaloa, Mexico)
(Translated from Spanish)

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