About WofSR

Spring rolls, like words of wisdom, are a wonderful source of nourishment … chewed slowly and thoughtfully … they nurture the mind and body, allowing time to reflect mindfully, rejuvenating the soul.

We learn in 3 ways. We gain knowledge by reading and listening. We gain knowledge by observation. We receive knowledge directly from our creator (or source). Simple stories engage all three methods of learning.

 “In the beginning there was neither existence nor nonexistance. All this world was unmanifest energy …”
– The Rig Veda (Hymn of Creation)

In every seed lies the promise of a forest!

Words too are alive with energy; they have the power to uplift, to enliven, to transform.  Words and ideas can heal the mind and nurture the soul.

Feel the energy of the words, intend for the gift of their wisdom to be received by you in reading them and by others through your adding to them, and in your sharing of them.

You are invited to feel, share and contribute to the words in the posts of this site.

Submit any article you feel would be appropriate to this site; and share our articles if you feel they will be of benefit to others.

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