Programmed For Victory

Our minds are similar to a computer – both function according to its programmer.

Programmed with bad information, poor software, and susceptible to viruses even the most powerful computer will malfunction … and our minds too.

Even worse, just like a computer virus, we can pass the virus to friends, family, and people around us … negative thoughts and words.

thought_rightWe were created in the image of God – programmed to be healthy and happy, living lives of abundance. But when we allow our thinking to contaminate this original programming we find ourselves going through life with low self esteem, fears, worries, insecurities …

We must change our thinking … choose to think on good things!

thought-rightwayOur emotions respond to what we are thinking, so by eliminating thoughts of anger, sadness, lack… we end the corresponding emotions. If we replace them with thoughts of happiness and victory, we are going to attract and radiate emotions of happiness and victory.

Choose to think on good things … your emotions will follow!

We receive what we believe … believe in yourself!
Fill your mind with good thoughts!!

Annie Besant Quote

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