This is a film about their way of life and one woman’s experience working alongside the Ju/’Hoan San

“Do you see that tree? If you can see it, then it is you! Now how will you treat it?”

The San People Have a Story to Tell, But Nobody Is Listening
“And if we all listen to each other, we might just learn something.” When professional model Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen departed for Namibia, she expected to aid in the San tribe‘s fight to improve living conditions. However, this film, Poverty of Perception, from Stefan Hunt and the Celine Cousteau Film Fellowship, presents a twist in which Ørbeck-Nilssen finds out that the San have much more to offer her instead. (Source: Outside Magazine)

For thousands of years throughout southern Africa, the San have lived a deeply connected life to their land and cultural practices. In the 1970’s the government initiated land restrictions that forced the San to move from their ancestral lands into government conservancies with limited hunting, gathering and water access. Today, the San continue to fight for their cultural existence, land rights and the freedom to return home to their desired way of life.

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